A Slave to Love, Br...
By TheRealBrokenStrings
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From being kidnapped by vampires and reluctantly bonded to one, to being tricked, to falling in love, to having her heart broken, to finding a new path in life that she had never considered before, Kiana has been through a lot in the time since she first found out about vampires. Her life has changed countless times and she's made plenty of friends and enemies along the way, and her heart has gotten tangled up in its own fair share of messes. Somehow she still hasn't quite given up yet despite all the curveballs thrown her way, even the deadly ones. Her story however, isn't quite over yet. Still bonded to Blade, dealing with the fall-out of their break-up and the shake up to her previously planned future, she's got a lot to figure out in this new stage of her life. The unlikely trio, Kiana, her ex-boyfriend Blade, and his best friend Ace, have been tied together since the beginning for reasons out of their control and that still hasn't changed. If anything, it's gotten a teeny bit more complicated. What exactly does the future have in store for the three of them? Will they find a way to a peaceful life or will their relationships continue to be tested at every turn? ******** This is the third in a series and a collection of short stories within the 'Slave to Love' universe. 'Slave to Love' is the first, 'Slave to Broken Hearts' is the sequel, and this is the next stage of their adventures. Everything that happened before they met, everything that happened during those stories that nobody saw, and everything that did or could happen after those stories ended. Follow along for more about Kiana, Blade, Ace, Lexi, and the whole Slave to Love crew that you know and love.

Chapter 1: Tortured, Part 1

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A Slave t...
by TheRealBrokenStrings