A World Without Lil...
By CherishTheStorm
  • Historical Fiction
  • adventure
  • arrest
  • criminal
  • fantasy
  • fear
  • highwayman
  • kindness
  • law
  • misunderstood
  • protection
  • rescue
  • robbery
  • romance
  • tenderness
  • warrant


Sequel to "The Lady's Highlands" Can be read stand-alone, but some references will not be explained. Her sister now married and settled in, Lillia embarks on her journey back home after the heartbreaking discovery that her own betrothed did not take their impending marriage seriously. Though she puts on a brave face for those around her, Lillia is terribly hurt as result of the whole affair. After a few days of travel the carriage is stopped by a band of highwaymen and robbed, leaving Lillia and her three guards horseless, penniless, and stranded halfway to their destination. As luck would have it, a devilishly handsome wanderer who goes by the name Felix Piper stumbles upon them and offers to guide them home through the shortcut in the forest. Perhaps what Lillia needs to adapt to the cruel world is a bit of adventure? Too bad her parents would never approve of her involvement with a rambling man who has a warrant on his head. Lillia will soon find that in matters of the heart, she has much to learn and even more for which to fight.

Authors Note

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A World W...
by CherishTheStorm