Tessa | The Vampire...
By jamespotterxoxoo
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Tessa White is the light in the town of Mystic Falls. She is selfless, beautiful, kind, sassy, and a little scary when you mess with her. Everyone in Mystic Falls, even the self-acclaimed 'emotionless' Damon Salvatore, loves and adores her. There was something about Tessa that had everyone in love, maybe it was how she went out of her way to help anyone, how she was never afraid of speaking her mind and standing up for others, or how she'd beat your ass up if you hurt someone she cares about. It didn't matter who you were Tessa White could melt your heart. The light inside of her shone so brightly, that no one could see the darkness in her soul. Can the supernatural creatures in Mystic Falls and the Shadowhunters from New York who claim her to be like them, help her heal? Or would they leave her more broken than she was before? oc x klaus, elijah, damon, stefan, jace, alec and multiple oc


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Tessa | T...
by jamespotterxoxoo