Baby Pogue // JJ Ma...
By dxnnilol
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After a summer of chasing gold and a dreadful junior year, the pogues were excited to begin another summer together; planning to lay low and keep to themselves. Though, JJ and his girlfriend of one year, Avie is what they called her, had other unexpected plans in store. Glued to each other's sides since Avery Mae Thomas had moved to the Outer Banks at eight years old, JJ and Avie changed the future of the pogue life forever at only 17 years old. COMPLETED. ~~~~ I know pregnancy fanfictions are super cringe but I'm soft so here we are. Don't read if you're not into it. These characters do not belong to me besides Avery and her family. WARNING for explicit content including violence, drugs, addiction, murder, teen pregnancy, smut, etc. Please be mature.

Avery Thomas

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Baby Pogu...
by dxnnilol