𝐻𝑖𝑠 𝐴?...
By Ayesha_kennedy
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"Ellie.. " he warned when I gently squeezed his hard bludge over the slacks causing him to cursed underneath his breathe. Mason wrapped his hand around my neck pulling my face closer to his. "I Know what are you trying to do, bella" he Whispered. A sexy smirk playing on his handsome face when I moaned feeling his another hand sliding down between my legs massaging me roughy. "And if you don't cut it out. I'll bend you over the table and spank that cute ass of yours in front of everyone. Do you understand?" I looked down with flushed face and slowly nodded my head. "Good" One friday night, Ellie Rose - A breathtaking beautiful, gorgeous, innocent and successful lawyer end up encountering with a handsome- well, Insanely Handsome, Gorgeous and Sexiest man alive. Little does she knew, he's one of the most powerful and highly successful Businessman of italy. To Ellie, it was just one night stand but to him, it was something more and he wasn't planning to let her go so easily. Things started to get too much heated between them as their every night turn out to be wild and full of passionate. But.. what dark secret is Mason Williams hiding? Warning: Mature language and Adult, sexual scene. The story will be edited once it get done.


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by Ayesha_kennedy