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•AGREE TO MARRYING THE CEO• •Genre of this story is about Romance 🥀 •This is an English story ❦ •This Story has been completed❥ -This story has been started on August 11, 2021 -This story has been Done on November 11, 2021 ========================================= Alice Tong was forced by Leo's parents to marry their son because Leo need a wife to turn him to be a CEO in his Dad company and also Leo is a billionaire man in their city and is the one Alice High School Classmate. After all, Leo has been fall in love with Alice since there in they first meet before. In how many years Alice and Leo are already in a relationship and in one year and two months later they get married. Leo said to Alice after their wedding Leo: There is no pretending, I LOVE YOU, and I will love you until I die, and if there is life after that, I'll love you then. ========================================= HIGHEST RANKING: #6 schoolmate #18 englishversion ~Original story made by @Satomi Dara Sagura ~Book cover made by @Satomi Dara Sagura


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by Zashthea