Earths in Space vol...
By danielsherrier
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Amena wants to find something amazing. And then something else amazing. And something else… Okay, she wants to find everything that’s amazing, and she’s sure to find lots of exotic wonderfulness traveling through outer space…right? Well, it turns out there are no aliens. No talking squids. No sentient kittens. No little green men.But there are people — countless people comprising a multitude of unique civilizations on myriad Earths scattered throughout the universe. Earths in Space vol. 1: Where Are the Little Green Men? contains the first two novellas in this exciting science fiction series. Amena and her team of explorers learn that life out there is much like life here — and just as unusual. In the first episode, “Liberty or Death,” the team faces a group of hi-tech tyrants who pose as gods. Then, in “The End of an Earth,” they travel to an ancient world that has less time than they think. So maybe there aren’t any little green men, but people can cause plenty of trouble on their own.Earths in Space. They’re already out there. You just haven’t discovered them yet.

Episode One: "Liberty or Death" -- Teaser

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Earths in...
by danielsherrier