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"He is the sunshine. I want- no, need him. He's almost like a drug, a drug that ends up living with me. He doesn't know. I could easily knock him out- and- no.. that's assault." rewrite of my somehow popular??? bad 2019 story "Sunshine Boy" In which we have mentally ill naruto and horny sasuke. (they are 17/18ish.) Also huge disclaimer: There is some changes.. Like Sasuke and Naruto end up living together another way, i've made things more realistic, not as childish. I'm definitely going to try to keep things humorous hehe, but anyways. The concept is pretty much the same, we still have almost all of the mile stones (won't say bc spoilers) a lot of them just happen differently (not too differently tho.) and i'm actually trying to make them more in character hahah. enjoy. (not M preg) 😟

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