Fallen Angel~Holy D...
By nigh101
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Uriel has always been loyal to God no matter the circumstance, as an Archangel it is her duty as well as love. So what happens when her faith is tested ultimately? When a hostage situation goes wrong and she's sent to the depths? Is Hell as unbareable as she thinks? As the Devil's bride can she keep her faith and innocence, or will she be tainted in sin? She's fallen but the question is will she get back up? EXURP: If I had dared to look I’d have seen lightning snapping in Gods blue gaze, “what condition is that?” he asked his voice almost calm. Almost. “nothing much, a trifle really, since your sooooooo powerful, you don’t need EVERY angel by your side“ “Spit it out already!” Raphael burst out, the angel of water he was usually calm but just now he looked like a raging tempest. Chuckling Satan simply replied, “I want an Archangel, you can choose which one of your favorite little toys you’re going to give up, but TRUST me you WILL give up one.” “NEVER!” God thundered, Lucifer simply raised one brow, “really?” “Just how long can your,” here he tucked his clasped hands under his chin, and he swayed back in forth saying in a cutesy voice “oh so precious human’s last without their fluffy little guardians?” His voice got hard at the end, he leaned forward his elbows resting on the table before him. “So what will it be, your humans or one of your Angels?” He flashed a victory smile before continuing “Not much time, Old Man. One more thing whichever Angel you send must become my bride, unlike YOU I plan to pass down MY power.” God looked furious lightning danced along his hands and sparked in his eyes, still he remained silent. With both hands in front of him Lucifer extended his index finger moving his hands back and forth as if juggling a ball between them he said simply “Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. TIME!” “So have you made a decision, Old Man?”

xFallen Angel+Holy Devilx

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Fallen An...
by nigh101