Moira (Genshin Impa...
By Foxfire-chan
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(Y/n) is a traveller who's encountered every region of Teyvat and almost all they have to offer. A woman possessing an extensive amount of knowledge and skill for the average person and a peculiar knack for reading people's fortunes, meets an outlander in search of his missing twin. Agreeing to accompany him on his journey, she travels through Teyvat once more, this time with a man and a floating fairy to accompany her. Traversing through many different regions, she meets new acquaintances and reunites with old friends, most of whom only know bits and pieces about the secretive woman. Everyone has a story, but is (Y/n) really as simple as she appears to be? Started: August 1st, 2021 Ended: ONGOING Best Ranks: 33rd in Lumine 45th in Tartaglia 74th in Childe 88th in Albedo 16th Kaeya 30th in Xiao 6th in Mona 96th in Diluc 1st in Murata 17th in Ayaka 26th in Ganyu 96th in Venti 3rd in Thoma 61st in Aether 130th in Genshinimpact Genshin Impact belongs to Mihoyo. This is a work of fanfiction so some parts of the plot and canon will differ from the original source material. Copying my work will not be tolerated but using my story as inspiration is more than welcome! Music featured in this story does not belong to me. Some of the pictures belong to me. Please ask permission before using any of my art. Credit given to any media that isn't mine in their respective chapters. Inspired by: At The Pinnacle by @monotone_skies (Wattpad) Willow by @constellarationss (Wattpad and Quotev) Crepusculum by Eloise (Quotev) Sincerely, -Foxfire-chan Co-written with @kkenma0

Author's Note (Before You Read)

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Moira (Ge...
by Foxfire-chan