Sold To The Midnigh...
By ClaraMalonex
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Leoni North wakes up to find herself confused, chained, scantily clad and in a truck being transported to an underground werewolf sex slave auction. Facing the ruthless Madam running the auction and feeling her incredibly powerful aura... Leoni has no choice but to cooperate. Drugged again and forced onto the stage to dance for the leering men she suddenly notices an alluring scent break through to her muted senses - could her mate be in the crowd? Would she want to know him if he attended this type of place? Would he want to know her? Alpha Logan Forde has everything he could possibly want - power, reputation, money, the strongest pack in Western Canada... but he is now 30 and no amount of one night stands with attractive she-wolves could replace what he craves... his destined mate. He has had visions of her since he was 15 years old but he still hasn't met her... He longed to run his fingers through her long ash blonde hair, to gently caress her smooth skin, to mark her neck and plunge his manhood deep into her sexy little body... Aside from anything else his pack needs an heir and only a destined mate could be guaranteed to provide that. He may need to take a Chosen Mate... but he is reluctant. Then suddenly whilst on an assignment for the Werewolf Council he catches her scent... and he sure as hell isn't going to let her get away. "MINE!" Buckle up for a steamy ride...

Girl Awakened

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Sold To T...
by ClaraMalonex