Private Teacher
By Kiwii1951
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I slightly turned my head, making eye contact with him. My lips part softly as I got a good look at his eyes. They were different than usual, they were now dark and sensual. His sharp eyes didn't break from mine as his hand on my stomach paused, and instead of up it slide down. His pinky finger was at the waistband of the pants I was wearing. "You're such a good girl Niara, ain't that right?" he asks as the tip of his fingers slowly slipped under the waist band. "Y-yes.." I responded breathlessly. "Yes what?" he hummed. "Yes sir" --- Niara gets a new homeschool teacher, who just happens to be the most beautiful man she has ever seen. Killian Donovan was hired by a trusted friend of his to teach his 18 year old daughter.


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Private T...
by Kiwii1951