My Cruel Mates
By barngrjl
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Claire lives in a world where dragons, werewolves, vampires and other supernatural beings treat humans as meat and toys. All she wants to do is live a simple life away from anything that goes bump in the night. She does well, until the Dragon King sniffs her out, along with his werewolf mate. How will Claire adjust to the terrifying new turn her life has taken? *Trigger Warning* This story is much darker than my others. There are themes of abuse and suicidal ideation. Please consider this before reading. ________________________________________ "She smells good, doesn't she Bennett?" The deep timber of the man's voice rings out through the still night and my body shivers in fear and disgust. Suddenly another man is at my side, twining his fingers through my hair. I can't see either of them clearly in the dark. The man, Bennett apparently, leans down close to me and takes in a large lungful of my scent as well. My knees begin to shake in terror and a low growl rumbles from his chest. "She does smell good. She's pretty too." He says, pecking a kiss to my cheek. My face crunches in despair as I try to pull from their hold. "Let me go." I beg and the first man chuckles. "Awe. The little human is nervous." He says, amusement evident in his voice. A sob breaks from my lips as I try to pull my arm from his grasp. "You're hurting me." I say, tugging my arm again. "Let her go, Rowan." Bennett says, making the larger man grunt. "Don't get attached to her. You know what happened to the last one." Cover made by @ViaAlyssaNicole


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My Cruel...
by barngrjl