Forever Means Nothi...
By thecatlover55t
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-discontinued- 3 friends, 3 fates intertwined. Catie Kita, known to most as Fox, she has a sharp personality and alot of charisma everyone was on her side......for good or for bad. Maki Kiyota, known as Maki to her friends....She tries to be tough, but she's a softie. She's always has looked up to Endeavour. She'd never stop being a hero even if she had to fight her friend. Kiva Ito, called Kiva to everyone, she's the peacekeeper. She's also the healer of the group. Calm, Collected and nice.....she would be the perfect hero. But in this world, not everything is as it seems. Note: No I don't own MHA or any of its characters, I do however own Kiva and Fox and any other characters I bring in unless said otherwise. My friend abbie owns Maki. -Discontinued-

Prologue, Happily Never After

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Forever M...
by thecatlover55t