Fools Inferno
By xbookishx
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Dafina lives in a world split by a fence separating Elites and The Inferior. Those who were unable to fulfill the lives of living the Elite lifestyle, were thrown into The Inferior. What happens when one day Dafina's father forces her to marry someone she had never met? Living in her world was never easy, as she had been born into a world where women must be proper, and she was exactly the opposite. The day before her wedding she decides to come up with an escape plan. She ties her sheets, opens her window, and throws her backpack packed with bare necessities onto her back. As she carefully steps onto the tied sheets, she makes eye contact with someone doing the same thing a few windows down. They're enemies from different worlds, who would've thought they would be each other's worst nightmare, but best blessings? *I found the cover photo on Pinterest! I do not own it, all rights go to them :)* #15 in swords #5 in Standalone


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Fools Inf...
by xbookishx