My $ugar Mommy [Jen...
By Lowkey_Psyco
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"Every sugar mommy needs a sugar baby." Jennie Kim a youngest Billionaire in a whole Asia she's famous model and cold C.E.O of Kim Corp. She has a lot of sugar baby but no one can make her satisfied or pleasure her. Then one night she met the smoking hot bartender when the days goes by, she's back in the bar where she saw the bartender but she got disappointed when she doesn't saw her, few weeks later she realized that she got interest to that person who just saw her just one night. she's always gets what she's want..well what Jennie wants Jennie gets. Lalisa Manoban a simple girl who's working student her families only work on their farm so they can have something to eat every day, lisa she's working really hard for their family, and she's also who pays for her sister education.but when her father got sick the money is enough for her father's medicine and treatment. . . . •== "Be my sugar baby." The brunneth boldly said she's now biting her lips while looking at the Thai girl who's now looking at her in confusedly. "Pardon miss?." The thai girl said she took a sip on her coffee when she felt the brunneth hand touching her hand seductively... #Jenlisa Funfiction. G!p.


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My $ugar...
by Lowkey_Psyco