The Lost are gone
By xxpandaberries
  • Romance
  • alone
  • beginning
  • broken
  • crying
  • emotional
  • emotioneel
  • huilen
  • journey
  • koppel
  • liefde
  • life
  • lonely
  • love
  • past
  • relatie
  • romantic
  • sad
  • tears
  • treurig
  • weenverhaal


Aoi is a Sweet But silent person who always lives in her own world and doesnt really know what reality actually is. Since her father died When she was 10 years old, she doesnt really "lives" anymore. She falls into a never ending spiral of pain and mental breakdowns until she decides to just stop living the real life and she escapes to a world where her true her lives in an imaginar world, inside of her head and drawings. Other people and life doesnt seem to be interesting enough for her for now. She lives years and years alone in her head without noticing Everyone around her is trying to help her and needs her But they all give up and leave her. On a certain she wakes up and noticing everybody left, a lonely and hurting to the past starts When she tries to pick up life again where she left it, 10 years ago. < english is not my normal language so sorry for spelling mistakes or other things

❄️ The beginning of the End - [1/3] ❄️

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The Lost...
by xxpandaberries