GOD,who am I ?
By madlei3
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"HE is the First and the Last, and the Manifest and the Hidden, and HE has full knowledge of all things."-(Holy Quran) Now you are perplexed. Why is the title "God, WHO am I?" and now in the description I began with him-- "HE...." But everything has a reason. Before I know Who I am it is necessary to know who the Creator is. Mostly every Child who got adopted wants to know in his Life who his Mother or Father is-- to know where he belongs too. FOR EVERYONE!!!- If you are muslim or not just look into it. You are all most welcome. :)) Collection of Statements from people who believe in God, in arabic God is translated Allah, and to the question: WHY DO I BELIEVE IN GOD? Please excuse my english. Its not my Motherlanguage please forgive for the mistakes in the first Chapter .:)) One of my first books.

Why do I believe 1: Statement of @madlei786 (Author)

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GOD,who a...
by madlei3