Our Arranged Romanc...
By Nightshade1199
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She is a princess who hates that women are treated like objects, just a prize to be won or to be sold by their fathers. Guinevere is not going to be looked down on, she will not kneel or surrender herself to a man. She is born to be a leader and she will not let anyone not even her father stand in her way of becoming the best ruler Starlyvia has ever had. She will not submit to anyone even if it's to the love of her life. He is a prince who spends most of his time travelling, he does not wish to be tied down by marriage or to anyone. Over time he starts to feel empty. Lancelot prefers to fall in love before sleeping with anyone. None of the princesses he had met interest him, to him they are all stuck up spoiled brats. When he makes an arrangement with a friend of his father to marry a princess two years younger than him. Will he tell her the truth or will she find out on her own. " This shows exactly how much you look down on me. Typical, I never had a say did I?" I had so much anger running my veins that I didn't realise, I'm shaking. Father doesn't look angry at all in fact he's looking at me like I should be pitied. "Flower you must marry, for your own good, to stop you from being alone and unhappy because it doesn't matter if you rule a great kingdom or even the world if you have no one to share it with. I would never look down on you my little flower"he hugged me. Life is unfair and if you don't watch your back you won't realise that you're a target being aimed at. I didn't know my past would come back to get me because I let my guard down.


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Our Arran...
by Nightshade1199