Wild Side (BWWM)
By Tenerife-
  • Romance
  • action
  • agegap
  • blackgirl
  • bwwm
  • cartel
  • dominant
  • don
  • drug
  • illegal
  • innocent
  • italian
  • love
  • mafia
  • mature
  • mobster
  • rich
  • submissive
  • wmbw


BOOK 1 MATURE CONTENT 18+ Read at your own risk I slowly lifted the thin long sleeve over her head and she sat up a little in the process to help me. As if I wasn't hard enough her pierced hard brown nipples stood straight out begging to be touched. I brought my left hand up to rub and pull on one of her nipples making her release a low moan. I attached my lips to the other sucking on it and flicking my tongue at it getting a good shake out of her. My hand that wasn't busy made its way into the band of her shorts to find she wasn't wearing any panties underneath. "Traviesa." I say meeting her lips with mines again as I swiped two fingers along her soaking wet slit. "Fuck neonata, you're so wet." I say against her lips and she bit back a moan at my words that clearly affected her. I then dipped a finger into her tight hole and she attempted to clamp her legs shut only for me to push them back up so they were bent at her sides. I sent a harsh slap to her inner thigh close to her clothed pussy startling her but she moaned at the feeling. - A story in which a young naive girl gets affiliated with Mateo Ayala-Ricci with many skeletons in the closet RANKINGS ⭐️: #1 in Cartel #2 in Rich #3 in illegal #5 in Agegap #8 in submissive #7 in blackgirl #2 in mobster #9 in drug #13 in Don #25 in BWWM ©Copyright 2021. All rights reserved. This fanfic may not be reproduced, displayed, modified or distributed without the express prior written permission of the copyright holder. For permission contact @Tenerife- on wattpad.com. Thank you.


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Wild Side...
by Tenerife-