Jaune of The Grand...
By Jaunedice
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After Cardin exposed Jaune's transcripts the entire academy turns on him from bullying to violence. But Jaune's heart did not falter he kept going until slowly his so called friends turn on him also first was Weiss who justified herself being right about Jaune's weakness,then Yang who was enraged over the lies and potential threat to Ruby's social life, joined in the beatings, Blake who remained neutral in fears of being singled out but cares for the kind boy who respected Faunus, then Ruby out of peer pressure decides to break her friendship with him. Then his own team Ren who was shocked at the reveal that Jaune could have endangered the ones around him due to his inexperience,pulled Nora away from him. Nora disappointed but still cared could only watch in shame that she couldn't help her leader in his time of need and lastly Phyrra who stayed with him until in the end drifted away from. Now alone the only people left who defended him was team CFVY believing he was a good person for defending Velvet. Believing that the worst has passed Jaune continued his march but sadly the worst day of his life was about to come when a call from his father arrived disappointed and ashamed his son's lies disowned him without the knowledge of the rest of the family, demanding Jaune to return Crocea Mors to the Arc family. Cardin who decided it wasn't enough to publicly oust him used his father's connection to the Vale Council to expel Jaune from Beacon. Now truly alone Jaune left and never looked back, but the galaxy was not done with him. I own nothing but a few original chapters of this story All Rights Reserved to Rooster Teeth and Lucas Films and Disney.

Chapter 1: THE END

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Jaune of...
by Jaunedice