Crowning Glory (She...
By CharismaticSociopath
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Sherlock x Reader/Moriarty x Reader Choose your ending! In a BBC Sherlock royalty AU where three kingdoms rule all charted lands, you find yourself to be coming of age in a time of political unrest. Marriage is the last thing on your mind, but an alliance is necessary. When your betrothed, Prince Mycroft Holmes, renounces his claim to the throne, tensions are high. That is, until Prince William Holmes is offered up- a royal annoyance who insists on being called Sherlock. But, a threat arises from the third kingdom- a kingdom where magic runs rampant whereas in the others it is punishable by death. One Prince James Moriarty, who will stop at nothing for your hand. Will you choose for love or for the good of your country? Can you survive learning secrets about yourself that could get you killed in the process? There is no more (Y/n) Watson. It is only Holmes or Moriarty. You decide which throne will be yours.


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by CharismaticSociopath