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Right after her high school graduation November Clarke's seemingly perfect life comes crashing down after a tragedy engulfs her life, taking the life of the one person dearest to her. She is then sent to live with her aunt in New York who with November's perfect grades and some well connected strings helps November to land in a private boarding college for the dangerous delinquent misfits and kids of the elite, the Southside Princeton University. Still in mourning November resolves to earn her degree in the academy full of students who're completely out of control, unnoticed and unknown but it all goes to shit as November runs right into the worst kind trouble on her very first week. Literally. Hunter Black. The nefarious, villainous, almost mythical Hunter Black. Not one to mess with and definitely not one to upset. The worst kind of bad at Southside Princeton University with a past too dark to speak off and a present to scary to ever encounter. Riddled with tattoos and no-nonsense, Hunter cannot fathom how beyond annoyed he is to have this tiny little nobody crash into him and pull him down right along with her. Now entangled in ways neither of them understand will Hunter and November drown right away in the waters of this cruel cruel world and its twisted currents or will they be able to help each other to stay adrift?

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by shockstruck