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By taraCumberfluff_
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Hi There! I don't think Katniss should like Peeta at all. Gale is way better for her. Have any of you read the first Hunger Games book? If so, do you remember when Gale suggests for them both to run away into the forest? In my my story Katniss and Gale do just that and Peeta does't even get close to the good side of Katniss's Good and Bad list (a part from when Peeta throws the bread to her ages ago. But that's not in my story). If you want Katniss to be with Gale instead of Peeta then read my story but if you think Peeta is righ for her, even if it's only because of Josh Hutcherson, then you probably shouldn't read my story because you may smash you device in frustration like I did to the Hunger Games books. Never the less, I hope you enjoy reading my story!

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by taraCumberfluff_