Popularity Cost Me...
By DarkParadise321
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"What is right is not always popular and what is popular is not always right." - Albert Einstein Every girl, especially the bitchy ones, have secrets. River Karmella, of all people, should know that. When she was a freshman in highschool, the group of popular girls immediately caught her eye. Ever so flawless, being in this group of girls was the goal of every girl in Copper Grove High. Two years later, her dream has come true. She walks among the so called "Populars" and is the idol to some and enemy to others. But with popularity, things aren't as perfect as people let on. As the school year begins again, things are bound to change. Things will be said, secrets will be let out and feelings that were suppressed will be revealed. Only for one reason. Everything comes with a cost. Credit goes to @immortal-serenity for creating this beautiful cover! It's awesome!!

Woah, where did this story go?

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by DarkParadise321