Another Weasley?
By AnotherWeasley14
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Hi, I'm Reeve Weasley. I know what you're thinking. Another Weasley? I am Ronald's twin sister. We are starting our 6th year at Hogwarts. Steaks are super high with Voldemort having risen. I have and always had a crush on Harry Potter. But problem! He's Ron's best friend. And my best friend. I know. It's super complicated. But, with Harry being so busy with all his Dumbledore business he won't even give me the time of day. I want to tell him but it's a lot harder than saying a few words. But maybe. My love for him will falter, and I'll find someone else, someone better than him. Somebody who will actually give me the time of day. And cares about me. Maybe someday. I will find someone else. DISCLAIMER: I only own Reeve, Charlie. Other characters. And readers own characters the might make.

Prolouge: Meeting Harry

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Another W...
by AnotherWeasley14