BNHA Isekai to Mode...
By sakunasfiftheye
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Todoroki, Midoriya, Iida, Momo, and Kirishima go to save Bakugo after he was captured by the League of Villains. What they didn't expect was that right when they were about to act on Midoriya's plan, the five of them along with Bakugo would be transported into a house they had never been to before. Before they knew it, they need to understand that there are no quirks in this universe, and their entire lives are fiction, consumed by the public for entertainment. This along with the fact that they now must rely on the girl whose house they now reside. My chapters will be pretty long and if you guys want them shorter just tell me and I'll make sure that I spread them out more. I DO NOT own My Hero Academia or the characters, this is simply a little fun thing to waste my time doing. This is my first story so if you have any CONSTRUCTIVE criticism please leave it in the comments so I can get better.

Chapter 1: Isekai'd

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BNHA Isek...
by sakunasfiftheye