His Little Cupcake...
By a_little_noodle
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She puts her head on my chest and wraps my arms around her, smiling softly. "Dada, mik," she says, sucking on her thumb. "How old are you, little one? Hold fingers up for daddy," I order, knowing she was regressing further. She stares confused at her fingers and keeps sucking on her thumb. "Me smol," she mumbles. I pet her head and take her thumb out of her mouth, causing her to cry out loud but quickly stops and sniffs when I put her pacifier in her mouth. _________________________________________________________________________________ Mallow has been best friends with Ethan since years. She wants to be taken care of and showed affection while Ethan longs to care for someone besides himself. Find out what happens when Mallow accidentally regresses in front of her best friend. __________________________________________________________________________________ Warning: This book will contain ddlg, smut and mentions of d-pr-ssion (e, e), an-r-x-a (o, e, i) and s-lf h-rm (e, a). Trigger warnings will be there but no content will be censored (except in trigger warnings). No sexual scenes will be carried out when Mallow is in littlespace. Word Count: 23300-23500 words __________________________________________________________________________________ Rankings: #1 in cuddles (12.12.21) out of 6.3k stories. #1 in kissing (1.2.22) out of 10.2k stories. #4 in daddydom (6.1.22) out of 3.3k stories. #16 in punishment (15.12.21) out of 5.5k stories. __________________________________________________________________________________

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His Littl...
by a_little_noodle