Loved And Hated
By Little1Writer
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"We want you home Sorella" Mason said to me. "I couldn't give two shits what you want." I said back. He looked pissed. I could feel someone coming towards me with a needle aimed at my neck. Elijah and Everly are two identical twin girls. Elijah was suppose to be a boy, but kept the name nether the less. They look the exact same, except for the eyes. Eli has her Fathers, whereas Everly has her Mothers. Their parents loved the twins, Well Everly. Her mum and step-dad hated Elijah with a passion. Whereas Everly was treated like a princess, Elijah was treated like something on the back of their shoe. Until one day, they both got called into the office to find out they both died in a car crash. Everly cried as Elijah sat stone-faced. They also find out that they have five older brothers. Five Controlling and annoying older brothers with a huge secret of their own. Not forgetting that Eli refuses to become part of their life. Everly is enough for them in her eyes. Will Elijah survive on her own? Or will her brothers drag her home? And will she stay? Badass- #1 Twins - #1 Running - #1 Mafiaprincess - #1 Brothers - #1 Brother - #1 Father-daughter - #1 Family - #4 out of 246k stories


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Loved And...
by Little1Writer