Coffee With Her
By reannekennedy17
  • Romance
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  • coldbrew
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August Walton is looking forward to settling back into a life of normalcy. After a year of online courses, he's ready to return to his summer job at the bookstore. Upon reuniting with his co-workers, he realizes nothing much has changed within a year. He still recognizes the regular customers. The hustle that comes around lunch time. Even the girl who always sits in the corner reading a book, with her Cold Brew Coffee, no matter which season it is. The same girl he's been crushing on since he first started. Will he work up the courage to ask her out? READERS DECIDE! Yes, you heard me correctly! This is a CYOE (choose your own ending) story. At the end of each chapter, I will post two alternate routes the story can take. All you have to do is vote on which one you want!

Author's Note

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Coffee Wi...
by reannekennedy17