Race to The Mafia
By hughjass1234
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RACE TO THE MAFIA COVER MADE BY: @Laylaxybae this book is NOT like normal mafia books, this is very unrealistic!! ~~~~~ Leo sits up. "You sure you don't want to sleep on here?" "I'm not sleeping with you." I reply coldly. "I didn't say you had to." He states. "Turn off the lights." I command him. He laughs. "No." I sigh and get off the dingy sofa to turn off the lights. I turn off the lights, "Turn them back on." Leo demands. I laugh, "No." I mock him. ~~~~~ DESCRIPTION: 2 "leaders" who can't seem to settle on a decision. 2 hackers who are ex-assassins. 1 thief who can't shut up. 1 engineer who's a little too happy. 1 soldier who would rather observe and watch the show. All of the Mafia Heirs are put together in a boarding school, which prepares them to lead the Mafia. Something goes wrong, and they are sent on a mission to each of their native countries in order to stop it.....or at least try to. It's a race to try and save the world, a race of life, or death ~~~~~ DISCLAIMER: I used google translate for all of the translations throughout the book, so please correct me if it's wrong :)) This is also my first book....so it's probably shit but be patient w me😫


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