Winter (Not Edited)
By angelsprinklesss
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"Winter, I don't want to be friends." Emerson whispered, softly, while slow tears cascaded down his tan flesh. As if her heart couldn't break anymore, it did. "Why?" Her soft voice cracked as new tears coated her hot cheeks. "Because I want to be more than friends with you." Emerson whispered even softer. And with that Winter's heart soared. He tugged a bit harder on her bottom lip and Winter let out a moan. Emerson took the opportunity to slide his tongue into her mouth. Winter was hot all over her body. Their tongues slowly touched, sending their bodies into sensory override. He let out a groan as he released her swollen lips. Their foreheads pressed together, as they regained their breath. They definitely weren't friends anymore. ----- Copyright © 2021 Please don't judge, my first book. Trigger Warning: Irregular eating habits, emotions.

Chapter 1

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Winter (N...
by angelsprinklesss