Flirt (Natasha Roma...
By marvel_orion
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Y/N lived different kind of life compared to others. Her father is an ex-Spetsnaz (Russian elite force) and her mother is a highly trained sniper that is also a master of different martial arts. When they found out that Y/N had the ability to transfer injuries they decided train her at a very young age, and hiding her existence in the world. They wanted their daughter to be able to defend herself in case someone finds out her ability. Over the years Y/N became a master in combat, martial arts, and the use of weapons; such as guns and swords. ~~~~~~~ One day someone put a hit on Y/N sending her to her father's friend, Nick Fury, and meeting Natasha Romanoff who's power of persuasion, manipulation, and even seduction doesn't work or even faze Y/N (Marvel x Xmen) **All characters except for y/n are not mine** **No copyright infringement intended**

Chapter 1

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Flirt (Na...
by marvel_orion