promised him
By Abhilasha012
  • Romance
  • agegap
  • arrangedmarriage
  • betrayal
  • billionaire
  • indianauthor
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  • pain
  • possessive
  • sacrifice
  • truelove
  • trust


Rudra singh shekhawat a 37 year old billionaire businessman of shimla . His first priority is his family. He decided to stay unmarried all his life for some commitments ,.a special aspect of his life was his devotion for lord shiva . Abeer singh shekhawat 26 yr old handsome man , younger brother of rudra ,handling his family business in london . Loves his family and respects his elder brother a lot . Adhya khurrana a 24 yr old girl ,full of life and positive attitude . She is an architect by profession, she has planned her life perfectly ,getting married to her love abeer and settled in london . But does her life followed as she wished or destiny has planned something else for her . Promise,a commitment to a loved one. How far can one go to fulfill a promise ? Or is it compulsory to fulfill a promise ? In this story you will meet some insane characters who doesnt care for the consequences before fulfilling the promise . Ranked #1 in age gap on 11 / 4 / 2022 Ranked #1 in sacrifice 29/10/2022


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by Abhilasha012