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By sxveme
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Hating someone is the same as falling in love. Close proximity is the bullet in the barrel for both, but it's a game of roulette. Either the gun will shoot and kill, or you'll get the empty slot, and no one gets hurt. Which one is which all depends on the two people involved. Love can kill, and hate can live. Or, love can live, and hate can kill. The question is, which one does this story follow? Lyra Potter is the younger twin to golden boy James Potter. She's the rougher version of him with untrimmed edges and an aggressive personality. She's never found luck in love as her twin had, and by the time she turned 18, she had given up entirely, thanks to the words of a casually cruel Sirius Black. That was until she found the note on her bed from a person who refuses to share their name or any small details. Follow Lyra as she learns the difference between love and hate, all while trying to unravel a mystery that all started with a note on her bed.


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by sxveme