Phoenix - H.S.
By ridingthethighger
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*CONTAINS MATURE AND EXPLICIT CONTENT* Republished version of Phoenix from Wattpad. ** "Oh you have no idea how dirty I can play." My words made her eyes lower to my lips once more. The tension growing around us made the air feel thick, I was feeling a lot of things. I could feel her warm breath tickling my skin and taste the whiskey in it when I parted my lips, switching my gaze from her eyes to her mouth as I had a mentle battle with myself over what I was going to do. Until she spoke up. "How about you show me?" Lorena actually leaned closer to me, brushing her lips against mine as she spoke. And I was done for. *** Harry Styles isn't your typical CIA agent... he's only called when something needs to be done off the records. He was chosen to work on The Phoenix case, especially since working with the mafia seems to be his specialty. But no one knows anything about The Phoenix. A trail of bodies and flames is always left behind, only ashes remain to tell the story. Lorena Vuong is the one spreading the fire. She doesn't trust Harry at all when he walks into her life, but she doesn't know he's undercover and she has no clue she's his target. And Harry might get a little too close to The Phoenix without even knowing.


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by ridingthethighger