The Alpha's Girl
By bieberfever6336
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Bailey Scotts just wanted to find love again. When tragedy strikes her family, they move to a small town to live with her grandparents. Bailey's parents just wanted the best for her, and so going to her father's hometown would be just what they all needed. While there, Bailey realizes something strange is going on. Her sight enhances, her smell is stronger and her hearing is unbelievable. She didn't think anything of it, until she met Chance Hayes. Chance Hayes is the Alpha of the Black Wolves Pack. All he ever wanted was to find his mate, to mark her as his own, and finally have a Luna of his pack. But when he sees Bailey for the first time, he doesn't know what to do. He knows she doesn't know about their kind, but he just wants her to be his and he'll do anything to have her, no matter who gets in the way. With Bailey's past always catching up to her, will she ever be able to have a future with Chance? Find out by reading, The Alpha's Girl. Completed Copyrighted 2015 © All Rights Reserved Completed

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The Alpha...
by bieberfever6336