This Is Me Trying (...
By Jenchichooo
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Kim Jisoo, straight, In a relationship with a guy named Jinyoung. Her life is simple, she is a college student, every day enjoying her life at school with her friends especially with her best friend Lisa. She wants to enjoy her student life while studying well. It's hard but she knows she can handle it. Her love life is good (at least that's what she thought). She loves him but as the days go by Jisoo feels there's something is missing or lacking but she doesn't want to end their relationship. Why? She doesn't even sure why. And What's lacking? Why does she feel like there's something wrong? and What will she do about it? And what will happen when she meets someone ONLINE that will make her realize many things and will truly change her perspective in life? FEEL FREE TO READ TO FIND OUT 😉 ORIGINAL STORY. THIS IS MY FIRST EVER STORY. ENGLISH IS NOT MY FIRST LANGUAGE SO BARE WITH ME. ENJOY!


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This Is M...
by Jenchichooo