What Are The Conseq...
By SoulSaviour
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Death. This was the consequence if we didn't find it in time. The Cure. He spent his whole life looking for this one thing. Why was it important? Why did he want to change? Alive. He wanted to be alive again, not partially, but fully alive. Death. He doesn't want to accept his fate. He wants to change it. Why? Why wasn't he happy with what Faith gave him? Emma-Ann is just your regular teenager. She goes to high school, she has friends, enemies, a family, and so on, but that all changes when she meets Kyle Robertson... the boy that haunts her nightmares. Kyle takes Emma-Ann on a spell bounding adventure, where she learns secrets that Faith doesn't want her to know. And what about Kyle? He is a boy with many secrets, but will Emma-Ann be able to handle all of the secrets that come her way? Or will she break under the pressure? Come to the land where Faith rules all, where Faith is more than just a word, where Faith will kill you if you know to much...


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What Are...
by SoulSaviour