Blur the Line
By joafterdark
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**This book is FREE with a paid bonus chapter!** After being dumped, Isla Morris makes a pact with her ex's biggest competition, F1 driver Matthew Carr, to get inside Lucas's head. ** Isla Morris is dating the world's best F1 racer - at least, she was until Lucas broke things off unexpectedly before the start of the new season. Now, she wants Lucas back. Badly. Matthew Carr is on track to be this year's hottest race car driver. The only problem? His teammate, Lucas, who keeps finishing first. Desperate to get inside Lucas's head, Matthew is willing to sink to any level to throw him off his game. When Isla and Matthew get drunk at a party, it occurs to them that there's a simple solution to their problems: dating. Isla's hoping to make Lucas jealous, and Matthew's hoping to ruin his teammate's chances of winning. The competition is heating up - both on and off the track. With hearts and a trophy on the line, who will cross the finish line first?

chapter 1

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Blur the...
by joafterdark