Cruel Summer | Harr...
By rosnatt
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A summer romance in the south of France that brings nothing but hurt: Delphine had always been one for impulse--and so she wasn't surprised when she woke up hungover one morning to find that she had booked herself a summer stay in the South of France. She remembered the chant like whisper "back to my roots" the night before, when she emptied half of her bank account into an AirBnb in Nice, while her almost husband snored from the living room couch. She thought she would find herself, finally figure out where she was going and the kind of person she wanted to be--but she found him instead. |based of taylor swift's cruel summer| *This was (and is) originally posted on Tumblr, by me, harrystylescherry (aka nat). I'm putting it on here so that it's easier to read*

One: Beginnings

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Cruel Sum...
by rosnatt