Marked (malexmale)
By Wahlflower
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Leon Rose is the future Alpha of the Rosewood Pack. And the clock is ticking down to his eighteenth birthday with expectations running high and the pressure of leadership looming over him. Avoiding his responsibilities, Leon diverts his attention to the mysterious new students and their young father. When feelings flourish and control is lost, will he make the right decision? Or will his stubbornness and pride cost him the ultimate price? Noel Cross is looking for a fresh start him and his family of misfits. Away from their haunting shadows and dark reminders, the town of Rosepoint seems to be the light at the end of the tunnel. What will happen when his son brings home a new friend from school and his leopard screams, "Mate"? Will Noel hide from fate in his dark past? Can his mate see past Noel's scar? His mark. Only time will tell.

Chapter 1 A Fresh Start

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Marked (m...
by Wahlflower