Second Lead Syndrom...
By _boraborahae_
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"I'm tired of being second best. Tired of not being enough." Living a life full of almosts and second places, Y/N is no stranger to the feeling of being a supporting character in her own life. After coming to Mondstadt and finally acheiving a title at the Knights of Favonius, her life seems to be making a turnaround. Unfortunately, fate has other plans as her past catches up and Y/N begins to bump into the person she can't stand the most: Diluc Ragnvindr. A man who reciprocates Y/N's feelings of aversion. Once Y/N begins to form other feelings for him, will he reciprocate those as well? Or will Y/N fall back into the ever-so familiar grasp of second place? //Diluc x fem!reader (but can be read as an oc) - Date Started: July 5, 2021 - Status: Ongoing - TW: Mature language (some swearing, some sexual implications) - All images not mine unless otherwise stated - Cover Credits: Diluc pics from the official Genshin Manga ---- Highest Rankings: #1 in diluc #1 in Kaeya #1 in genshin #1 in genshinimpact

Runaway Cat

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Second Le...
by _boraborahae_