Dressed as the sque...
By ksjreverie
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not my story google translated Title:穿成反派霸总的娇气包 Author:雪默 source: https://m.shubaow.net/79/79470/ Chu Xiu accidentally wears as the female partner in a novel, and is also the wife of the villain overlord. The villain has a bad temper and stubbornly faces the air. It is the biggest obstacle to the success of the hero in the novel. It is the ultimate boss who wants to step on the whole world. But when you run into your own squeamish wife, you can only get slapped in the face. ............ Big boss: "If I touch her, I'll chop off my hand!!" The next day, hug my waist, it's so fragrant! ! ! Big boss: "Even if I use the money as charcoal, I won't use it for her play!!" After a while, cast cast, cast to death, it's so fragrant! ! ! Later, the big boss who suffered from long-term headaches and insomnia accidentally discovered... As long as he kisses his wife, his head will not hurt. Sleeping with your wife, insomnia will be cured. Anyone who casts his wife's play can make a lot of money. Anyway, the closer he gets to his wife, the luckier he will be! Uh... The boss felt that his face was about to be swollen. Later, the big boss thought: There is such a blessed little daughter-in-law, she must not spoil her to death! (Sand sculpture funny text, don't laugh at you hit me~~~) Content tag: A wealthy family through time and space ability Cool text Search keywords: Protagonist: Chu Xiu, Lu Yuanzhou┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others:


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Dressed a...
by ksjreverie