Started With A Kiss...
By RileyRallyReally
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Lisa is a student in YG University, an ordinary yet a mysterious one. It's her second year as a Photography student. Everything is looking good, but it isn't. She's a constant target of Jennie Kim to be bullied. Jennie, the daughter of the owner of YG University, has all the power to do everything she wants to do and have everything she wants to have. Added with her ethereal beauty and alluring eyes, everybody kneels for her. Whether on adoration, or in slavery. ~~ Then, Lisa Manoban did something for vengeance. Lisa thought she, at last, got back on Jennie. But instantly, she received more than something making her wish that if she could just take back the time, she wouldn't do such thing. She kissed the Queen and because of that kiss, Jennie craves Lisa. She wants all of her. Because of that one kiss, Lisa reaped more than she can bargain. It all STARTED WITH A KISS. ** Lisa G!P Jentop Warning: SMUT everywhere! Most impressive ranking: #1 jenlisa #1 blackpink

Prologue [M]

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Started W...
by RileyRallyReally