His New Master
By Ray_Of_Sin
  • Fantasy
  • bdsm
  • bisexual
  • darkelf
  • elf
  • fantasy
  • gay
  • master
  • mistresses
  • mxwxm
  • slave


Ariel has known nothing but misery and pain since his capture and enslavement. He's resigned himself to living out his days in servitude, until a chance encounter with a mysterious new master changes everything. As Ariel adjusts to life under his new master's care, he finds himself drawn into a world of luxury and privilege. But even as he begins to acclimate to his new life, Ariel can't help but wonder what his future holds. Will his new master prove to be his savior or just another tyrant? Find out in "His New Master," a thrilling love, loss and a longing for freedom This contains aspects similar to bdsm, this is not a true depoction of a real consensual master / slave relationship and should not be viewed as such

Chapter One

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His New M...
by Ray_Of_Sin