The Noonfighter
By Nereus
  • Fantasy
  • change
  • day
  • die
  • drowning
  • end
  • good
  • insanity
  • sanity


Rellian Cerulin is a fallen hero. Everything he's loved, done, and been taught has been destroyed by one man. Vengeance plagues his mind every night. The only thing holding him back from finding the traitor that ruined his life is a set of Pathan morals. However, morals are flimsy things in a warrior's life. His travels throughout the world of Resi as a bodyguard reveal interesting things about who he is. And who he should be. Frayer Degru is a Descendant. A warrior that has been taught to battle ancient creatures of old. He resists the urge to question his leaders as they order him to travel on meaningless expeditions into Sehriel, the abandoned land of a lost nation. Or is it lost? As Frayer and his team explore the Sehrien mountains, they discover something odd. A sound coming from the deep recesses of the caves. Karis Chacer has been taught to despise the Noonfighters for their betrayal months ago. She trains in the Academy, working to be a Dawnrider. However, a sudden appearance of a figure that was thought to be a legend changes her entire view on reality. After all, if gods can exist, what of their counterparts? And, in the midst of these discoveries, Resi shifts in his slumber. He begins to open up to the deiverse once again, searching for the beast that had nearly destroyed his world centuries ago. King. A mysterious beast with equally shrouded motives. He is dangerous. He is evil. And he looms.... ||| Copyright © 2015, Benjamin Rain. All Rights Reserved. Thank Andreas Rochas for the cover art. Great Artist! Uploaded on Wednesdays.


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The Noonf...
by Nereus