De' Bardi Twins.
By imanoonewhowrites
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Alexander and Alexandrea De' Bardi are the rulers of the underworld. Ever since the night they were born their dirty mother snatched the sleeping babies away. She sold them to a human tracking company. Before the twins could even walk they knew how to throw knives. They are trained to be the world best Assassins. Alexander also known as the silent killer. His best skill is shooting from a far. No one ever heard the sound of his bullet but did hear the sound of the dead body falling. Alexandra was known as Lucifer bride. They say her best trait is Seducing men and woman with her pleading eyes. Her beauty is the death of everyone she dare seeks out. These two have many different names but one thing is for sure is that these two are a package deal.  !I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE PICTURES! please don't steal my work or my aesthetics please and thank you <3.

Meeting the characters and their aesthetic's .

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De' Bardi...
by imanoonewhowrites