An Alien Love (Rule...
By Clanmoore
  • Science Fiction
  • alien
  • love
  • romance
  • tentacles


Sloan is living every day, running out of money and energy. He is stuck in a vicious cycle paying off a drug debt that isn't even his. On the day when everything goes wrong, Sloan meets an odd man who offers him all the things he wants. Twice. Ruler of the Dagerstanteens, Octnavinlowzams is a leader, a warrior, and the cleverest of his five siblings. The problem is... he is also jealous. Octnavin sees how much his younger sibling, Keltrix, cares for Murry, his human slave. Suddenly, Octnavin started thinking that he deserved the kind of happiness they had. Since he is the exalted ruler, the solution is simple. All he will have to do was get a slave to love him. The plan is Octnavin will find an alien that is happy to serve his every need. A human who would worship him and be there to carry his offspring. How hard could that be? Humans were dim creatures. Once his slave gave him offspring, Octnavin would move on and go back to his home planet. Yes. A simple solution for a ruler and a slave.

Money Problems.

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An Alien...
by Clanmoore