Naruto: Formation
By MidnightGalxXx
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Entering the world of Naruto was not something that ever crossed Alice's mind but it happened. Yet when she got there, everything was wrong. First there was Arashi, a boy like her from earth who got dragged into the land of Ninja before her. But he had a past in the Ninja Land, one that was dark and possibly dangerous. Another problem, Minato's alive. Yup, you heard it. The Fourth Hokage is alive and in charge along with his wild wife Kushina and son Naruto. Also, the Uchiha's are around in all their Sharingan glory with Sasuke trailing Itachi like a lost puppy but oddly both are still emotionless at times. Life at Konoha is not as it should be in the anime. There is no Akatsuki but yet there is another group of S-rank criminals that want to destroy the peace that Alice and Arashi have somehow found, even though their worlds have been turned inside out. What will happen next as the mysterious group of criminals begin targeting certain ninja? Find out in Naruto: Formation *This is a joint story with _Vindr_ that used to be called Naruto:Redemption on our old join account. It is a fanfiction and rights to the original characters below to their own. Enjoy!

Alice - The Fall

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Naruto: F...
by MidnightGalxXx